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Ingredients with a Purpose

Artificial ingredients, sugar, and hydrogenated oil?! Hard pass! 

urby™ ingredients were thoughtfully selected and we want you to know what you’re putting in your body. High quality, functional ingredients only.

Plant protein blend (pea, sunflower seed)

What is it?
Pea and sunflower seed protein and are non-dairy, gluten free, easily digested plant proteins.

We’re not telling you anything you don’t know…this stuff is powerful. Protein acts as the building blocks for muscle, can help keep you full, reduce appetite, and so much more. Pea and sunflower seeds are packed with high quality proteins and essential nutrients. Bonus: with our plant proteins, you can set your lactose intolerance issues aside. 

Coconut milk powder

What is it? 
Coconut milk in powder form

Coconut milk powder is high in healthy fats and provides an excellent source of energy. It also does a great job in helping to provide a creamy taste and texture.

Monk fruit

What is it?
Monk fruit is a small fruit that produces a natural sweetness.

Nothing fake here, more of mother nature’s fruit. Monk fruit provides that “just right” amount of natural sweetness to make urby indulgently on point.

Xanthan gum

What is it?
Xanthan gum is a gluten free and Non-GMO emulsifier produced by the bacteria xanthomonas campestris

Taking home the title of “scariest looking” ingredient on our label, xanthan is anything but scary and it helps to keep our ingredients mixed into your food or beverage. While xanthan gum has been shown to provide some health benefits, too little is used in urby Modern Creamer for us to credibly make any claims

Natural flavors

What is it?
Naturally derived flavors from whole foods.

To make urby Modern Creamer taste delish! Natural flavors from natural foods allow us to boost enjoyment without compromising our standards for high quality, clean ingredients.